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McLean County

  • Bloomington, Adlai E. Stevenson I House, 901 North McLean Street (letter of agreement, EXPIRED)
  • Bloomington, Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts, 600 North East Street (easement)
  • Bloomington, Church Triumphant (HIBS ML-1994-1)
  • Bloomington, David Davis Mansion, Monroe & Davis Streets (HABS IL-302)
  • Bloomington, Major's Hall, 117 East Front Street (HABS IL-239)
  • Bloomington, Miller-Davis Law Building, 103 North Main Street (letter of agreement, EXPIRED)
  • Bloomington, Public Square (HABS IL-1198)
  • Le Roy, Center & Chestnut Streets (HABS IL-1192)
  • Normal, Camelback Bridge (HIER ML-2000-1)
  • Normal, First American Baptist Church of Normal (HIBS ML-2000-2)
  • Normal, Illinois State University, Rambo House (HIBS ML-2014-1)
  • Normal, Illinois State University, South Campus Residence Hall Complex (HIBS ML-2014-2)
  • Normal, James McCann Commercial Block, 106 East Beaufort Street (HABS IL-1263)
  • Normal, Jesse Fell House, 502 Irving (moved from Broadway & Irving Streets) (HABS IL-262)
  • Normal, University Christian Church (HIBS ML-2008-1)
  • Normal, 104 East Beaufort Street (HABS IL-1262)
  • Saybrook, Saybrook Water Tower (HAER IL-1201)