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Pike County

  • Barry, Burton Gray House, 835 Rodgers Street (HABS IL-1131)
  • Barry, 809 Rodgers Street (HABS IL-1130)
  • Barry, 865 Rodgers Street (HABS IL-1132)
  • Bloomfield Precinct, U.S. Highway 36/IL 106 Bridge (HIER ST-2021-1) (video)
  • El Dara vicinity, Dolbeare House (HIBS PK-1997-10)
  • Pearl, Hill Creek Bridge, spanning Hill Creek at State Route 100 (HAER IL-118)
  • Pittsfield, East School, 400 East Jefferson Street (covenant, EXPIRED)
  • Pittsfield, Worthington House, Franklin & West Washington Streets (HABS IL-264)
  • Spring Creek Township, TR 376 Bridge over South Prong of Spring Creek (HIER PK-2019-1)