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Knox County

  • Galesburg, Carl Sandburg Cottage, 331 East Third Street (HABS IL-1159)
  • Galesburg, Dr. George Luster House, 756 North Broad Street (covenant, EXPIRED)
  • Galesburg, Illinois National Guard Armory, 149 North Broad Street (covenant)
  • Galesburg, James Short/William Browning House, 325 North Kellogg Street (letter of agreement, EXPIRED)
  • Galesburg, Knox College, Alumni Hall, 52 West South Street (covenant)
  • Galesburg, Lombard College Gymnasium, 1220 East Knox Street (HABS IL-1250)
  • Galesburg, Silas Willard Elementary School (HIBS KX-2015-1)
  • Knoxville, County Jail, 115 Market Street (HABS IL-248-B)
  • Knoxville, Hall of Records, Main Street (HABS IL-248-A)
  • Knoxville, Old Knox County Courthouse, Main Street (HABS IL-248)
  • Oneida, Oneida Community High School (ROWVA Junior High/ROWVA Elementary) (HIBS KX-2012-1)