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Want to see all the state historic sites from a particular era or related to a specific topic or theme? To get started check out the themes below or discover an era in Illinois history!


Art and architecture are a reflection of our culture and heritage. We operate several architectural gems and cares for unique collections of art. In addition, many of our monuments and memorials were created by well-known artists such as Larkin Mead and Leonard Volk.

The contributions of women and minorities are often overlooked. Their work in the home or in the community, whether volunteer or in servitude, was vital to our society. Here are a few sites that tell the stories of these important people.

The French were the first Europeans to make contact with Native Americans, the first to govern the land that is now Illinois and the first to build forts here. France would dominate the continent’s interior until the end of the French and Indian War in 1763, when the French gave up their holdings east of the Mississippi River. Discover the preserved remnants of this culture in Illinois.

Illinois pioneer Christiana Holmes Tillson noted in her account of life on the frontier, “Few would like to again pass through the bitterness.” Life on the frontier proved difficult for all who were brave enough to travel to the West. These sites illustrate that struggle.

Sites connected to the sixteenth president number more than a dozen, with the most recent addition being the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. To learn more about the most celebrated president in history visit these sites and memorials.

Illinois was home to many Native American groups throughout history. From the Mississippian period to the beginnings of the historic era and first contact west of the Appalachian Mountains, these sites tell the stories of the first Americans.

A number of our sites celebrate Illinoisans who were leaders in politics, the arts, industry and the military. To discover their identities, check out these sites.

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