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Piatt County

  • Bement, Bryant House, 146 Wilson Street (HABS IL-223)
  • Bement vicinity, Lincoln-Douglas Road Marker (HABS IL-1117)
  • Monticello, Farmhouses of Allerton Park (HIBS PI-2005-1)
  • Monticello, Louis Hammerschmidt House, 817 Charter Street (HABS IL-25-12)
  • Monticello, Pepsin Syrup Company, Inc. (HIBS PI-2005-2)
  • Monticello, Robert H. Allerton Estate (HABS IL-1216)
  • Monticello, Washington Elementary School, 3 Sage Drive (HABS IL-1245)
  • White Heath vicinity, Caldwell Elevator, State Road 10 (HABS IL-1134)
  • Willow Branch Township, Township Road 105/Oplinger Bridge (HIER PI-2018-1)