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Fulton County

  • Blyton vicinity, White's Ferry Bridge, spanning Spoon River at Township Road 209 (HAER IL-119)
  • Canton, Redcrest, 345 Elm Street (HABS IL-1209)
  • Fairview vicinity, Coal Creek Bridge, spanning Coal Creek at State Route 97 (HAER IL-125)
  • Farmington, Ward School, 362 West Fort Street (covenant)
  • Lewistown, Major Newton Walker House, Main Street (HABS IL-283)
  • London Mills, London Mills Bridge, spanning Spoon River (HAER IL-11)
  • London Mills vicinity, Indian Ford Bridge (HAER IL-13)
  • Vermont, Masonic Hall, 107 North Main Street (covenant, EXPIRED)
  • Rural Fulton County, Archaeological site (covenant, EXPIRED)
  • Rural Fulton County, Orendorf Archaeological site (letter of agreement, EXPIRED)