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Grundy County

  • Braceville vicinity, Braceville Bridge, spanning Southern Pacific Railroad Tracks at State Route 129 (Old Route 66) (HAER IL-141)
  • Channahon vicinity, Illinois & Michigan Canal, Dresden Bridge (HIER GR-1999-1)
  • Minooka, Illinois Traction System, Minooka Passenger Station (HAER IL-84)
  • Minooka vicinity, Rutherford Barn, East Hansel Road (HABS IL-1151)
  • Morris, Center School Property (HIBS GR-2002-1)
  • Morris, Farmer's Square Deal Cooperative Grain Elevator, Liberty & Division Streets (HAER IL-88)
  • Morris, Gebhard Brewery, 613 West Washington Street (HAER IL-69)
  • Morris, Gebhard Brewery (HIBS GR-1992-1)
  • Morris, Illinois Traction System, Morris Passenger Station, Benton & Liberty Streets (HAER IL-85)
  • Morris, Morris Grain Company Elevator, adjacent to Rock Island Railroad (HAER IL-89)
  • Morris, Nettle Creek Aqueduct (HIER GR-2014-1)
  • Morris, Rock Island Railroad, Illinois & Michigan Canal Bridge, east of Calhoun Street (HAER IL-81)
  • Morris, Rock Island Railroad, Morris Passenger Depot, east of Liberty Avenue (HAER IL-80)
  • Morris, Town of Morris (HABS IL-310)
  • Morris vicinity, Illinois & Michigan Canal, Aux Sable Creek Aqueduct (HAER IL-47)
  • Morris vicinity, Illinois & Michigan Canal, Five Mile Bridge (HIER GR-1992-2)
  • Morris vicinity, Illinois & Michigan Canal, Lift Lock No. 8 & Spillway (HAER IL-77)
  • Rural Grundy County, Archaeological site (covenant)
  • Rural Grundy County, Archaeological sites 11GR96, 11GR172, and 11GR176 (covenant)